Scammer insisted that we passed our phone to the courier person

Anonymous | 24 Nov 2020

Online Purchase Scam
I posted in gumtree to sell my. iphone se. Scammer contacted ME at 4pm said he want to buy it for his daughter. He is in USA but daughter is in Malaysia. He will arrange for fedex courier to pickup the item. He insisted the Fedex courier must pick up the item By 7pm as that's the last slot. Indeed a real Fedex guy came to collect the Phone. He said he will send proof of transfer but didn't. He also insisted we issue an invoice and attach to the phone to look official else his daughter will suspect. but we didn't. After awhile we realised its fishy that he keep rushing to pick up my phone. He contacted us at 4pm and arranged for the courier at 6-7pm. Secondly he's in USA but daughter in Malaysia. So we texted Him to test him said we need the phone back because there are P&C info. We will pay for the 2 ways COURIER. He refused to. He also hung up our call. We didn't receive the buyer money.

Hence, we filed a police report.