Talking Point 2018: Who Is Scamming Me? (Part 2)

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09 May 2020

Police warn of fake Covid-19-related job advertisements posted by unlicensed moneylenders

SINGAPORE — The police are investigating four men and two women who were recruited by unlicensed moneylenders through fake Covid-19 job advertisements to harass debtors. They are being investigated for…...

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04 May 2020

Scam victims lost $41.3 million in Q1; e-commerce and loan scams among most common

SINGAPORE - E-commerce scams proved to be the most common in the first three months of this year, with "Covid-19 related items" accounting for about one in four such cases....

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01 May 2020

20 victims of credit-for-sex scams breached circuit breaker rules by leaving homes to procure sexual services

SINGAPORE - Twenty victims of credit-for-sex scams have been penalised for  flouting circuit breaker measures  as they had left their residences to procure sexual services, a non-essential activity....

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29 Apr 2020

Fake news articles feature DPM Heng to solicit Bitcoin investments: Police

SINGAPORE: Scammers have been using fake news articles featuring Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat to lure people into investing in an automated Bitcoin trading programme....

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28 Apr 2020

MAS and banks warn of scam calls after increase in reports

SINGAPORE - At least 220 people reported calls from scammers pretending to be Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) officers in the past two months, prompting the authority and banks here to remind the…...

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22 Apr 2020

Supreme Court warns of rise in scam calls, phishing email impersonating court officers

SINGAPORE — There has been a recent spate of phone calls and phishing email messages from scammers impersonating court officers, the Supreme Court warned in a statement on Wednesday (April 22)....

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21 Apr 2020

NSF admits cheating about 90 victims of S$51,000 over USS, Bruno Mars tickets and telco scams

SINGAPORE: In the span of about 10 months and with 13 accomplices, a full-time national serviceman cheated about 90 victims out of S$51,000 over tickets on Carousell and telco plans. Between May 2018…...

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17 Apr 2020

S$295,000 lost to sex scams in March; some victims duped after searching online for sexual services

SINGAPORE: At least S$295,000 was lost to credit-for-sex scams in March this year, with about 112 reports lodged, the police said on Friday (Apr 17). In 2019, such scams resulted in a loss of at least…...

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16 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: Beware of people who impersonate safe distancing enforcement officers, warns MEWR

SINGAPORE - Members of the public should stay vigilant and be wary of those who impersonate enforcement officers ensuring compliance with elevated safe distancing measures, the Ministry of the Environment…...

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14 Apr 2020

MOF warns of scammers impersonating govt officials to solicit bank account details

SINGAPORE — The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has warned the public of scammers masquerading as the ministry or the Government to solicit bank account details from individuals looking to register for benefits…...

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13 Apr 2020

Police warn of scammers claiming Chinese officials seized COVID-19 'contraband medicine'

SINGAPORE: Police on Monday (Apr 13) issued an advisory alerting the public to a scam in which callers pretending to be Ministry of Health (MOH) staff would claim that Chinese officials had seized COVID-19…...

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10 Apr 2020

Man arrested for running face mask and hand sanitiser scams on Carousell and Facebook

SINGAPORE: A 24-year-old man was arrested for his suspected involvement in a series of scams involving the sale of face masks and hand sanitisers, the police said on Thursday (Apr 9) in a news release....

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08 Apr 2020

Police warn of resurgence of WhatsApp scams involving takeover of accounts

SINGAPORE — Scams involving the takeover of WhatsApp accounts have made a comeback as criminals take advantage of the increase in online activities here, the police warned in a news release on Wednesday…...

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08 Apr 2020

Police warn of fake cash giveaways on social media

SINGAPORE: There has been a spike in the number of scam cases involving fake cash giveaways on social media, said the police on Wednesday (Apr 8), adding that there had been at least 13 reports lodged…...

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05 Apr 2020

Man arrested for money laundering offences linked to S$10 million COVID-19 scam for surgical masks, hand sanitisers

SINGAPORE: A 39-year-old man has been arrested for his suspected involvement in money laundering offences linked to a business email impersonation scam related to COVID-19. The police said in a news release…...

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05 Apr 2020

False message circulating about bogus mask distributors robbing residents, warn police

SINGAPORE: Text and audio messages circulating claiming there are people robbing residents under the pretext of distributing reusable masks as part of a new Government initiative are untrue, the police…...

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02 Apr 2020

Losses from one-time password scams jump 33-fold to S$15.3m in 2019

SINGAPORE — Last week, 23-year-old university graduate Marie received messages on Instagram from an account posing as a co-worker from a temporary job she once held. She was asked to provide her mobile…...

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31 Mar 2020

SPF warns of email scam impersonating police commissioner

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has warned the public about a fake email purportedly sent by the Commissioner of Police. The email provided instructions to recipients to proceed to the police…...

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30 Mar 2020

PM Lee warns against fake COVID-19 email purportedly sent by him asking people for 'contributions'

SINGAPORE: An email purportedly sent by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong asking for "contributions and thoughts" as Singapore tackles the spread of COVID-19 is fake, said Mr Lee on Monday (Mar 30). The…...

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29 Mar 2020

Message circulating online about safe-distancing ambassadors imposing fines untrue: Enterprise Singapore

SINGAPORE: A message circulating on messaging platforms and social media claiming that an Enterprise Singapore safe-distancing ambassador had fined someone for sitting on a seat that was marked out as…...

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