Talking Point 2018: Who Is Scamming Me? (Part 1)

Follow Talking Point as it delves deep into the world of phone scams to uncover a web of criminal syndicates, spanning across Asia.

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18 Mar 2019

Talking Point 2018: Who Is Scamming Me? (Part 1)

We've all had the call. Your phone rings. You answer and on the other end is a recorded voice. The caller ID is unknown and the recordings, vary. That's when you realise, it's a scam. Victims in Singapore…...

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13 Mar 2019

Teenager arrested for Twitter scams on BTS merchandise and beauty products

SINGAPORE: A teenager was arrested on Monday (Mar 11) for her suspected involvement in a series of e-commerce scams involving BTS merchandise and other products....

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13 Mar 2019

被冒充警员骗 一女子钱财遭卷走

冒充警员的诈骗案卷土重来, 一名女子银行里的钱财遭卷走。 警方今天发文告表示,最近一名公众报案,指她接到一通假冒刑事侦察局的诈骗电话。诈骗电话要求该名公众提供登陆银行账号的资料,包括可用来更新个人资料的一次性密码(OTP)。...

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06 Mar 2019

Woman scammed of $4,000 after she receives phishing text

When she received a text message from her "bank" last Thursday, Ms Kyan Tan did not suspect anything. It came from the same number that United Overseas Bank (UOB) had used to send her genuine one-time…...

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02 Mar 2019

Police nab 26 people over crimes involving $460,000

A group of 26 people are suspected of being involved in 50 cases of e-commerce scams and commercial crime-related offences, where victims have lost more than $460,000....

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28 Feb 2019

29-year-old suspect arrested over e-commerce scams on Carousell

SINGAPORE: A 29-year-old man was arrested on Monday (Feb 25) for his suspected involvement in a series of e-commerce scams, said the police on Tuesday.  Victims had reported paying for products such as…...

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25 Feb 2019

Teenager investigated for cheating online shoppers: Police

SINGAPORE: A 14-year-old boy is being investigated for his suspected involvement in a series of online cheating cases, said the Singapore Police Force on Friday (Feb 22).   Several victims had responded…...

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20 Feb 2019

Crime reports up in 2018 due to surge in scam cases: Police

SINGAPORE: The total number of reported crimes increased by 1.4 per cent in 2018 to 33,134 cases, compared to 32,668 cases the year before, the police said on Wednesday (Feb 20). E-commerce, loan, credit-for-sex…...

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15 Feb 2019

Singaporeans hit by dating app leak, data of 6 million users for sale on dark web

They are among six million stolen accounts of US-based Coffee Meets Bagel that were put on sale on the dark web...

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08 Feb 2019

Serial cheat gets jail for string of scams, including those involving Singtel, Mediacorp

SINGAPORE: A young serial scammer who perpetuated his schemes in numerous guises including posing as a Mediacorp employee was sentenced to jail for one year and two months on Friday (Feb 8)....

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06 Feb 2019

More fall victim to bitcoin scam

More people have fallen prey to a scam where victims are tricked into putting their cash into bitcoin accounts owned by swindlers. Eugenia Lim reports....

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28 Jan 2019

Fake BTS tickets: Fans scammed at concert here

The young BTS fan beamed with anticipation and was clearly excited as her turn came to enter the Singapore National Stadium after a long queue. But it was not to be....

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25 Jan 2019

Man admits collecting $1m for syndicate after retiree is cheated

A man admitted in court yesterday that he had collected cash for an international syndicate behind a ruse that duped a retiree into handing over more than $5 million....

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24 Jan 2019

26 arrested for suspected involvement in scams, victims lost more than S$500,000

SINGAPORE: Twenty-six people have been arrested for their suspected involvement in e-commerce scams and commercial crime-related offences where the victims lost more than S$500,000 in total....

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22 Jan 2019

Scammers duping victims into buying software for fake virus infection: Police

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is warning people against falling for tech support scams after at least four reports were made this month....

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16 Jan 2019

More than 200 reports of concert, event ticket e-commerce scams in 2018

SINGAPORE: More than 200 reports of e-commerce scams involving sales of concert and event tickets were received in 2018, the police said on Tuesday (Jan 15)....

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13 Jan 2019

Singapore Airlines warns of phishing website offering free air tickets

SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) on Sunday (Jan 13) warned customers against falling victim to a website claiming to be from the airline and promising free air tickets....

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11 Jan 2019

At least 10 reports of scams involving takeover of WhatsApp accounts in January: Police

SINGAPORE: There were at least 10 reports of WhatsApp accounts being taken over by scammers in January, police said in a media release on Friday (Jan 11)....

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07 Jan 2019

Third suspect nabbed over impersonation scam in which woman lost S$5.4 million

SINGAPORE: A third suspect has been arrested for a 2017 China officials impersonation scam that saw a woman lose about S$5.4 million, the police said on Thursday (Jan 3)....

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02 Jan 2019

Police warn of email extortion scams

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force has warned the public about scams involving extortion through email....

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02 Jan 2019

70 police reports on email extortion scams made since September: Police

SINGAPORE: About 70 police reports have been made since September by victims who were blackmailed by scammers claiming they had screenshots of them watching porn, police said....

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27 Dec 2018

Victims cheated of S$74,000 in phone scams, man jailed 2.5 years for role in operations

SINGAPORE — A Taiwanese man came to Singapore in December last year to grab a “money-making opportunity” offered by an online gaming acquaintance, and ended up becoming a middleman in a series of impersonation…...

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22 Dec 2018

Scammers posing as Google, Apple staff cheated victims of more than S$15,000 in 1 week

SINGAPORE: Scammers posing as employees from Google and Apple cheated multiple victims of at least S$15,700 between Dec 13 and 20, the police said on Saturday (Dec 22)....

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15 Dec 2018

Police investigating 22 suspects for scams, forgery involving more than S$200,000

SINGAPORE: The police are investigating 22 people for e-commerce scams and commercial crimes where victims were cheated of more than S$200,000....

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13 Dec 2018

Watsons warns public of phishing scam

In one instance, a man received a text message claiming he had won a prize in a Watsons lucky draw....

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10 Dec 2018

3 men charged over timeshare recovery scam involving S$200,000

SINGAPORE: Three men were charged on Friday (Dec 7) for their alleged involvement in a scam, where victims were cheated into believing that the suspects could help them terminate or recover money from…...

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09 Dec 2018

Business email impersonation scams on the rise

The first nine months of the year saw scammers make away with close to S$40 million, with one case involving a whopping S$5.5 million. Ahmad Khan explains the scammers' modus operandi and how businesses…...

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07 Dec 2018

7 cheated of S$78,000 in Bitcoin investment scam: Police

SINGAPORE: Seven victims were cheated of about S$78,000 in Bitcoin investment scams between September and November, police said on Wednesday (Dec 5)....

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04 Dec 2018

13 cheated of S$366,000 in 4D lottery scams: Police

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Police Force received 13 reports of lottery scams between January and October where victims were cheated of about S$366,000 in total, it said in a news release on Monday (Dec…...

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29 Nov 2018

Man arrested for online scams involving gaming consoles, puppies for adoption

SINGAPORE: A 22-year-old man was arrested at Woodlands Drive on Wednesday (Nov 28) for his suspected involvement in a series of cheating cases involving at least S$1,400....

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