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Concerned friend prevented me from becoming a victim

I knew him from MEET-up messaging app. He told me he was attracted to me...

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18 Jan 2019

Red Flag: Caller kept asking me to visit an unknown site

Got a call from this number 31511230 the guy kept annoying me to open up my browser to access these provided site to show me the investment thingy. Sounded like a scam to me. I'm not sure how he got my…...

17 Jan 2019

I gave my name to "scammer" by mistake

So, "DHL" called but I guess I was blur as I didn't recognise it was a scam at first. . . Even after they spoke in Chinese!!! I asked for an English officer but they said very nicely that they were unable…...

17 Jan 2019

Rental Scam: If a Xiao Jie Li approaches you to rent your room, don't speak with her

Email from scammer: I am Xiao Jie Li, 36 years old, a simple , cool and non-smoker lady. I am willing to rent the room. I am at sea at the moment as I am an employee at us coast guard marine inspection…...

17 Jan 2019

I lost $2000 to Loan scam

Similar to one of the Scam alert person's story, I had money issue, msged a number where i received via text msg from as "licensed money lender" they called themselves as FAST CREDITS PTE LTD. The person…...

16 Jan 2019

Concerned friend prevented me from becoming a victim

Started with his personal message through MEET-up APP messaging, saying that he was deeply attracted with me. then continued to telling about each other through email, and chat through google hangouts.…...

15 Jan 2019

DHL Impersonation Scam yet again!

I've been receiving several calls from an automated “DHL” service, claiming that I have an uncollected parcel. I dialled 9 to speak to the operator, who obviously is from mainland China.  Sometimes, I…...