Online seller in Singapore doesn't allow cash-on-delivery

Anonymous | 24 Aug 2019

Online Purchase Scam
SAW THE ADVERTISEMENT ON for a xiaomi mi 9 @ $300. found it too good to be true. did some research on the seller and found

Seems legitimate website, the only giveaway is the http rather than https. https is not complete and the cert is not a legitimate public cert.

WHATSAPP SELLER ON PURCHASE nevertheless to find out more.Request for cod but seller indicate that "accept payment first before delivery Via Transfer or Cash Deposit Payment into Our Company POSB Account" and shared a lot of photos happy buyer who had made purchased.

asked to cash and carry from their shop, but was rejected and indicate "Sorry we ONLY do delivery & we accept payment first before delivery".

asked on how to be assured that the item will be delivered upon payment, was shown a name on a passport that does not show up anywhere on their websites.

insist on cod, but was replied "No sorry we don't deal like that so you can go buy elsewhere or take your money to go buy in a nearby store close to you instead since you still don't feel secure enough buying from us okay"

Photo Evidence: