Scammer gave several reasons to get me to pay more

Anonymous | 05 Sep 2019

Online Purchase Scam
I wanted to get a camera and while i was doubtful about an advertisement that I saw online, I contacted the seller to find out more. 

The description asked me to contact seller on whatsapp.. so i messaged. he then asked me to do transaction directly as fast it will be. and he assured that i pay half.. he will deliver product and i pay the other half.. he said he is trustworthy (i dont know why i believed). next i transferred him 1000 sgd to his maybank account. next day he says he didn't receive the money yet and asked me status. but it was successful my side. so he said his boss was upset and asked me to send full amount (i was stupid to not understand now at least). then i transferred other amount. he said next day morning i will receive the product.

next day morning he messaged me that ****** "It's very unfortunate that the Customs Authority still insisted not to release us your pending package in their custody after completing the insurance processes on your package. They further stated that your package has stayed beyond the normal permitted duration at the customs clearing yard and it has already been moved to their customs bonded warehouse terminal and they imposed customs bonded clearance fee of 1000 on your package.

NOTE: This payment is also refundable under the law sub section 32:31 of carriage. We will file for the refunds (1000) immediately upon your package delivery and the money will be sent back to you. You are advice not to delay the imposed customs clearance payment, so that your package final delivery can commence as already been re-schedule and in order to confirm you the delivery time." *************

and asked me for another 1000 dollar. i said i already paid full.. customs is his problem. but he kept asking me more money.. which i didn't pay
but on top of this... at night he said he sent me a code and that if i give him the code i will receive the product. i didn't receive anything from him. he said it will be from lazada. then i received one from lazada and it said i'm registering as seller on lazada and this code was otp to confirm. i understood that he is scamming and i told him no way i give otp and i am going to police station. he was still trying to act as a good person that he was not scammer. i told i will go to police station and report and he was dont bothered with it. 

i reported in the police station.
I hope no one else would be scammed like this!!!! if this can help at least one person from getting scammed.. i will be thankful to god...