I lost around $2k to a fake buyer on Gumtree

Anonymous | 05 Dec 2019

Online Purchase Scam
On a Friday afternoon, A buyer from gumtree watsapp me and says that he is interested to buy iPhone 11 pro max from me. he said that he is buying as a birthday gift for his daughter and he is working offshore. he will do an internet banking transfer to my account and arrange for the courier to pick up the item. he provided screenshots of the wire as proof of remittance and the bank statement as proof of deduction. he assured that the funds will hit my account. after the courier picks up the item, he requested for a picture of the airway bill. when I insisted of having a copy of his id and speak to him, he gets irritated and asked why I argue with him act childish. he claimed that if I need to speak to him, he will only be available the following day at 10am as he is out in the field.
on the following day (Saturday) 1st thing in the morning, he provided a screenshot of a USA passport ID. after that asked for the airway bill again, if not he threatened that I am looking for a big problem soon and he has my details. about 10am he finally called and got annoyed on why I need to speak to him. he said that he needs the item to be delivered to his daughter urgently as his daughter going to a camp soon and time is running out. he reassured that there is no problem with the transfer and just a matter of another 1 to 2 days to hit my account. after receiving the item,
over the whole experience, the buyer avoids speaking to me and purposely scheduled a certain timing when I insists. he gets agitated when he did not get hold of the airway bill picture and will says I argue and argue with him.