Online friend turned out to be a scammer! Don't be fooled by Internet Love scammers

Anonymous | 05 Nov 2020

Internet Love Scam

It started off with a friend request on facebook, switched to whatsapp:

1) to gain access to your phone number.

2) to make you trust them as they show you their number

3) its free of charge (especially for oversea scammers)

4) they now know which country you live in.

He claims he is a widow, i will put as many of his fake facebook profiles and articles i find about this scammer down below.

He claims he is a pilot flying for china airlines. Lives in america, dallas and has a daughter.

First started of with loving messages. Messages such as ‘you are my only love’, ‘honey, you know i love you’ and ‘yoh are the love of my life’, speaking as though you guys are married and are in a long-distanced relationship.

He will avoid video calls or sending any videos in general. However! He will send you photos of himself which

A) look sketchy and photoshopped (+old)

B) these photos can be easily accessed online and have been used many times on different dating apps.

He will say he just landed and sends a picture with another pilot, but that picture had been from many years before....

He will then ask for thr real stuff. Money. Starting with the parcel. On this website i found an article which had the name alex liwei wong and talks about the parcel scam in more detail. Just search ‘internet love scam alex liwei wong’. Basically saying there’s money in parcel, but later needing you to pay the tax. The company sent was fake ( and he would send you a receipt with non of his details (except phone number he used to scam) and would’ve gained full access to your address, name and phone number.

It will slowly he would start asking for money by saying how urgent he needs the cash. Trust me, if he was rich enough, he doesn’t need money.

After finding out his online scam, i confronted him and he apologised saying that it was identity theft and he reported this many times. It is not normal for your face to be everywhere, known as the scammer. If it’s true, he should contact the police.

I suggest if you have the same situation, confront him if needed and delete + block him.

 Do not fall for his trap about your future.

Scammer details:

Name: alex hongwei wong (goes by many names such as william choong)

Number: +12082168157


-works at china airlines

-from america, dallas, texas

-chinese ethnicity, but only speaks english