I posted an online room seeking advertisement

Jess | 30 Oct 2018

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I posted an online room seeking advertisement. one day later i received whatapps msg, someone name Ms Chui offer to rent out her Novena Master bedroom at $600 (which all the criteria fit to just what you want!)
Said due to work transfer she is currently at Philippine and wish to find someone that can take good care of the apartment.

she will post out the keys and documents once receive payment. transaction based on trust. to make it sounds real, she send the address, and facilities and photos of the house and room.

The very first thing that comes into my mind is to ask her to proof her identity before we continue. then she send me an IC of a chinese lady named Low Chui Pheng with IC number: S8019448Z.

Immediately comforting me and said she is 100% real, by the words of god, she wont be cheating on other people hard earned money, bla bla bla.

I check on google, there are posting about the similar rental scam and same scammer name/ IC being used.

Always conduct due diligence before getting into any transaction and think twice for a deal that is too good to be true.