Beware of fake profiles online

Anonymous | 30 Mar 2021

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I've tried facebook dating app recently and has actually met quite a lot of fakes already.

But I will share about one guy from China that chat me up and was pleasant. Very fast to profess interest. Claims to work in Singapore in the finance industry. claims to be earning very well and his investments are very successful that made him a rich man. Most of these people will try to get us to move to WhatsAPP or Line or Messenger. I did not agree to whatsapp but as I don't have much personal information on facebook Messenger, I agree to it. Facebook tries to protect people by allowing the person to see only posts that are Public if the requests is from the dating APP. All went well though there were subtle warning signs in what he shared about himself that is quite hard to believe or some contradicting information. What exposed him is that someone else (probably His partner and is part of a SYNDICATE) created a profile with photos of the same person, different name and details, and tried to befriend me too. When I ask for a VIDEO call to see if he will agree to it, He responded that he prefers to see me in person and asked for my address and that he will drive over immediately to pick me up. It is late in the night. And then he insisted that he wants to bring me to his condo to have a look. I refused his suggestion and told him that I know that he does not want to video call and then block him. I did not give him ADDRESS or meet him. when I contact him to do the video call, he told me that he was busy. That his older sister called him and is giving him information to open an account for him to trade digital currencies. He told me that it will only take about 10+ mins to do it and can earn money. He took the opportunity to ask me if I want to do it too. I declined and asked him how come he has an older sister when he had earlier shared that he has an older brother only. His response is that it is his cousin. Having stumbled on this website and read other people's stories, I think this "Sister" must be his latest victim. Please be careful.