Person seeking donations turned nasty!

Anonymous | 30 Mar 2019

Impersonation Scam
It is 9.30pm and a man bearing a file with two letters comes and ring the door bell, he says he is a ex convict and was sent by the Singapore police force parole division authorized by the Singapore charity board, all letter look like photocopy of print outs, he say the Singapore parole officers were sending these ex convicts to sell mobile phone accessories to the public so as to support their livelihood, and that these was authorized by the Singapore charity foundation and Singapore police force. when I asked him further question, he refused to answer and became very pushy and started to swear in hokkien like the local gangsters around our estate. He then quickly put his mobile phone accessory into his pocket and left.
I was amazed that the Singapore police force parole division was starting such a scheme , as a person who has hired ex convicts before, I know that the police parole officers would try to arrange full time jobs for these ex convicts so that they may turn a new leaf in life. But what I found weird is that the Singapore police would send out these ex convicts to seek donations.

Please verify  all requests before donating!