Landlord discovered furnishings worth $XX,000 have been removed by Scammer.

Anonymous | 29 Dec 2018

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My landlord has encountered a scam tenant.

Profile of the scam tenant:
>Mr Alvin Zechariah Leroi,
>Singaporean Chinese,
>30 years old,
>with some purple hair highlight,
>claimed to work in one raffles area in graphics design,
>claimed to need to rent a fully furnished apartment urgently with his fiancee from Hong Kong.

Security deposit and first month rent cheques of $7,500 were issued by handover over the weekend (23 Dec 2018). However, landlord failed to receive the amount inside his bank account by 26 Dec 2018.

Entered the tenanted apartment 5 days after handover on 28 Dec 2018 and discovered furnishings worth $XX,000 have been removed!

Tenant's CEA registered agent is also un-contactable now.