Online friend got nasty when I didn't want to trade

Anonymous | 28 Mar 2021

Internet Love Scam

Matched with this guy named herman (father singaporean, mother chinese. Parents staying in china, he is alone in sg) on cmb. He asked to move conversation to line, and requested to converse in mandarin. Asked a lot of questions, shortly after he showed a screenshot of his earnings from bitcoin trading. Subsequently claimed he loved me, wanted his future wife to be able to manage wealth etc. One day he asked if i was busy, i replied no. But when i did not reply his message he got insecure and defensive. He claimed wanted me to practice trading hands on, made me download trading app 'dtcoin' (not found in app store), create an account. Told me to contact customer service to ask what was the minimum deposit (sgd1000). Told him i did not have that much, he pestered and ask if i really didn't want to invest that night (he claims good profit). Since he was earning thousands everyday, i asked if he could lend me $1000 to trade then i return him the money once i earn my profits - he said to think of alternatives. Next day, he asked if i was able to come up with the money (claims small amount), then said that my circle of friends is too small, i didn't know the importance of money etc. Told him i trust my religion and not money, am comfortable with what i have now. He was upset and became nasty.

Signed up using a mobile phone number, have since deleted the app. Looks suspicious as it requires an id number to be a verified member. Searched the line id on instagram, one account came up with the same name. However, the guy looks different from what he sent.