Beware of this "Friend" scam!

Anonymous | 28 Jul 2021

Impersonation Scam
The calls started a few weeks ago by a guy, saying that he has changed a mobile numer and wishes to inform me. The voice and accent did not sound familiar and on the first call i genuinely thought it was a wrong number and told him so, and hung up.

About a week later, same guy called again with a different number. i told him he got the wrong number but he knew my name and claimed that we are close friends, that he is the chubby friend whom i always speak to. unless I have amnesia of some sort there is no way i don't know my close friends. that was about when i knew this was a scam. i repeatedly asked for his name and he refused and hung up.

A few days later he tried again and i promptly hung up the phone. he must have easily gotten my name and contact easily these days with info available.

If someone calls you out of the blue, beware!