I lost over $200 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 28 Apr 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
茜茜 offered sex after introducing herself as a student. She was really persistent, asking several times a week until I finally gave in. Went down to the place, which is at Hougang ave 8/10, block 401 and that's when she asked for my number. I was reluctant to give her at first because it was not necessary. We could call via line. She insisted, and after that this 阿坤 guy CALled me. He asked for payment to ensure the safety of the girl and made sure the girl wouldn't think that the company TOOK the money instead of giving IT to her. So he asked me to pay via Alipay to [email protected] So based on the amount, it was to be 500 X2 RMB so that conversion would be to 200 bucks Sing dollars. Thereafter, he said there was another payment to be made, and I was getting suspicious, but I still paid another 40 BUCKS using the same method. And he asked for another one again using another reason, AND I was already out of cash. That's when he asked me to buy iTunes cards and said it wasn't linked to his COmpany in HK compared to the Alipay payments. I have already CHEATEd 250 bucks by then, and I didn't want to pay MORE without seeing 茜茜 first. She asked for the 16 numbers of it to VERIfy before she came down to fetch me, but when I asked her to tell me how many lifts there were at the block, she couldn't answer and feign ignorance and that's when I knew it was a scam and came to this page when I googled. This 阿坤 guy continued to threaten me and said he would send his brothers down to find me and messaged and WhatsApp me too. Am going to make a police report soon.