Scammer yelled at me when I didn't want to provide him any financial help

Anonymous | 26 Nov 2019

Internet Love Scam
Met Mok 56 yrs old in tinder! He claimed he is bUsinessman major dealer for heavy-Machines. He is living in Singapore, we Started to Chat on 19th Nov, he told me he won a Biggest deal in his life ans will Down to gamBia, africa to complete the deal this week. After that will fly to hk to meet me. He landed on Monday and said the Customs gave him a hard time, asked him for $70k to clear his shipment. When I refused to help, he started yelling at me! 

He claimed the phone camera and the network does not work which was why he couldn't do any facetime or video call. Be careful to deal with this type of People.

Photo Evidence: