Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 26 Feb 2021

Internet Love Scam

1) This happened to my helper. My heper got to know a man by the name of aisha muhammad from facebook. They have been chatting for 3 weeks. He has expressed interest in my helper and claimed that he wants to come to singapore to marry her. He said that he is sending gifts from London to Singapore and needs my helper to remit sgd500 to the courier company for her to receive the gifts. He claimed that he is divorced and has 2 daughters. He even had a video call once with my helper. But after much questioning from me and probing of information from the voice messages sent, the voice of the man has an accent that doesn't sound like he is from London and his command of English seems to be quite bad. My helper has shared part of my address (excluding my unit) number with him and has even told him that she works at my place and disclosed how many people are at home.

2) happened today 26 feb 21 around sgt 5pm. This was the time my helper asked me to remit her salary to another account.

3) money was not lost. The only thing lost was her disclosure of part of my address to the scammer