A long "ICA" impersonation phone call

Anonymous | 25 Feb 2020

Impersonation Scam

I received a call saying that they caller was from ica and that the call was a 3 way call with the ica rep, surveillance team and me.
They said that i am being deported out of singapore due to indian consulate making a claim of some criminal offence against my name. When i said i know this is a phishing call. The caller (guy 1) got aggressive and started to threaten me that he will send the cops to where-ever i am. 

They collected my nric, passport number, my house address, how many bank accounts i have and the amount of money i have in it. Which incidentally is negligible and then they started asking me if i had credit cards.
And then the line was pass to division officer (guy 2) who said threatened to deport me again and then gave me 3 options to choose from quoting clause 18 a, 18 b and 20a. 20a required that i pay a fine of 5000 sgd. I said i do not have the money and then they said without that i would be sent back.

When i agreed to pay the guy 2 asked me to go to a 7-11 and get a google play card worth 5000sgd. After this the line was passed to the 3rd guy who was to take me through the payment process. The 3rd guy first asked me if i had a debit card, to which i said, i had it but i have no money in my bank to use it. He then said please go to the nearest challenger.

At this point i suggested that i go to ica building which is closer to where i was and i can make the payment there. They insisted that i do not do that as i can be detained there and instead go to a challenger. I used the time to walk over to challenger as an excuse to get to the nearest police station and lodge a complaint about it.

They referred to some alien number not updated when i had first entered in singapore and that i would need to update it. And that the ica office would come over to my house to get this number updated.

They refused to let me disconnect the call. And stayed on the call with me for 2 hours plus and during that time if the call would get disconnected they would call me back immediately.