Only contact licensed moneylenders!

Anonymous | 24 Dec 2020

Loan Scam
I was in need of cash so I went to search for Fast cash in gooGle. CAme out this website that looks legit from a licenced moneylender. Fill up the particulars and a guy name "SKY" called me up and we went on to converse via whatsapp. Sent him my NRIC front and back including of 2 next of kin and my FB profile. Feeling weird so i reject his offer wanting to lend me $300 when I asked a loan of 1k.

Later that night, I received $300 from unknown number via paynow and he told me he already did the transfer. Told him off as I declined his offer of loan. I managed to transfer back that $400(300 plus interest of $100)

As I thought the problem was solved but little did i know that he used my ic for borrowing money from other loansharks. Came all this threats. Police report was made. Please be very extra careful before borrowing and only borrow from licensed moneylenders. 

Editor's Note:  Please only contact licensed moneylenders via the contact details found in this list: