Beware of strangers you met online

Anonymous | 24 Aug 2021

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This person DM me via IG about two years ago. Her IG was named as Karen Dina. She claimed to be model and nurse. She asked me to continue conversation in Wechat and added her ID - Keiichi_jun. I saw a lot of red flags in our conversations as she seemed to have a lot of time. Like copy and paste her chats. She sent me selfie photos but was unable to comply to my requests when i asked her to take photo of her place and environment etc. Then, suddenly she was in Dubai for gold investment and claimed to lose her wallet. She wanted to borrow $200 and promised to return it as soon as she came back to Singapore.

I didn't send any money to her and stopped contacting her. Later, I checked her IG again and saw her change IG name (now Jeannette Talor Tan), and also different faces. Damn, I should play her out and got her bank details so I could report to police. So I thought I better leave both her IG and Wechat ID here in case she tries to scam others again. Maybe it's not female person. Be careful when meeting someone online.