I lost $30k to a job scam

Anonymous | 22 Nov 2021

Job Scam

I received a message from a Talentvis agent named jasmine Choong. Because I worked under Talentvis earlier before, I thought it was not a scam and that it was safe to accept the job. Afterwards, she directed me to this person named Agnes who then told me what the job was about, sending pictures and rules on how to do it. At first when I did it, I thought it was easy money yet too good to be true. She then made me join a group chat where there were other workers likely part of this scam where they share and boast about their earnings. Nonetheless, due to my greed, which makes me let guard down now that I realized when it was too late, I continued. But each time I submitted the orders, I could never reach 40 and it resorted me to borrowing money from close friends, relatives, amounting to a huge debt in total. Police report has been made on the day I borrowed so much and it is truly a painful lesson to learn. Never ever accept something that sounds too good to be true, and stop immediately to think about it whether it's the right choice.

I only posted this after I saw someone else's post about the same lady. So thank you so much for coming out with the story, that I am able to share mine.