Do not respond to advertisements offering loans!

Anonymous | 22 May 2020

Loan Scam
Here to warn everyone not to google and search for loan company. I faced this situation upon finding a loan therefore checking for interest rates .. I came across http://apcredi? this website look so true till i am stupid enuff to provide all my details to them, Couple of calls was make thru wadsapp. They are from malaysia, name jack, zack, jason, Darren. Keep changing names...Mentioning just a record to check for interest rates percent that i am able to get.

I trusted them.. They have all my details.. As they are doing the same way wad bank is doing. Next they came to my house slipping in a a4 size paper stating ap credit and a guy name jack. He send my house area and blk pic to me and mention that to settle this. Pay him 300 dollars, i refuse stating i did not loan any money from them y do i have to pay them?

Then they got frustrated saying due to my bad attitude they will ask for 1k,
Moneylender asked us to pay them 3k to settle this or else our debt will snowball to 30k. It's so outrageous so I went to the police to log a report. They mentioned just ignore. But my family is staying with me.. Wad do u mean by ignore? They sent videos and screen shots of house burning and video on a guy got beaten up cause of owning money. The threatening stopped. For a month.

On the 21st May, it started again with me receiving a call from another number again. Upon picking up, he said my apartment was put up for sale on property guru. On the 21st may at about 2 plus my husband mentioned two persons were loitering around our house - a young boi and a lady at the age about 20plus.

They attached 2 photos of transactions of $300 money to my bank account. Wait a min. I did not provide my bank account to him. How did they get hold of my bank account? And he mention in the wadsapp that to settle this pay them 700. I went to the police again. I feel upset, frustrated and crossed, y did i land myself into this shit. All I did was to check on the interest RATES. I did not loan any amount from them only check for interest rate.

Please ignore scrams! As they are all over the look OUT!