​A very handsome looking guy and he used to send a lot of pictures of himself.

Anonymous | 20 Nov 2018

Internet Love Scam
Befriended via instagram then move to wechat. claimed as american born chinese, raised in ohio by single mom, graduated in mbbs, works as a doctor and lives in london. he works in a hospital in southall but not able to mention the name of the hospital.

He said he left his ex-girlfriend not long ago because he found out the girl was sleeping with his friend and got pregnant. after chatting for few weeks, he said he FELLED in love with me and started all the sweet talk. then he said he got a contract from the hospital to send him to turkey for project with crews. start to seek for help in the second week in turkey as his credit card was hacked. refused to seek help from family, friends and hospital but insisted want me to transfer money to him. got angry when i refused to do so. blocked me from instagram and wechat after a week.

A very handsome looking guy. HE USED TO SEND A LOT OF PICTURES OF HIMSELF. eventually found loopholes as he said the photo was taken in turkey but the background was exactly the same with the picture he said he took at home in london.

wechat id: kenwong1414
instagram: kenwong2979