Never give remote access to anyone, especially unsolicited callers

Anonymous | 20 May 2020

Impersonation Scam
A india lady with thick Indian accent called me at 11am to say that she's from SingTel technical department and they detected abnormal behaviours from my network and asked me if I have laptop besides me to verify. By knowing my laptop is a Macbook and she passed me to another Indian guy. The guy asked me to open my Terminal and key-in "netstat", asked me how many foreign addresses in the results and explained to me which addresses are abnormal and has been established on my network. Because of this, I really believe they are from Singtel at the point of time.

After that, they asked me to download and install the app called "Teamviewer" and provide my id and password to them. He even asked me to use the website called “validator” to validate if my email account and bank account has been hackled. I still not aware its scam. The guy told me they will upgrade my security level but it takes 1 more hour. In between he asked me what websites I’m frequently using recently, like ibanking or online shopping. Knowing that they are assessing my desktop and able to see everything of my computer, I felt like something was wrong so I disconnected the remote assess and questioned him if he can prove me he’s the Singtel employee and send my personal email immediately using his Singtel employee email. He gave me a number 8004922429 and his employee number. I searched the odd number immediately, found out the information from Scamalert. The case of scam has been confirmed. I’m not sure how much of my personal information has lost.

Don't be the next victim so beware!

Editor's Note: Never grant remote to your computer to anyone, especially to unsolicited callers.