Spotting a Credit-for-Sex scam!

Anonymous | 19 Mar 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I'm going to share on how the scam works. I have tried this out of curiosity to experience what the victims are going through. The Credit for Sex Scammers usually don't have a local number tied to their advertisement, instead they will use a Line-ID or a WeChat-ID. The only way to connect with them is via these apps. They can advertise their services on Locanto, or Tinder or any other possible websites. The one I experienced was via Locanto, and was directed to add this person on WeChat.

Upon contacting the "masseuse" or the "escort", they will pretend it is a legitimate proposition by asking you when you would like to meet them. Once you have given them a date and a time, they will ask for your location. The location I was given was “102 Yishun Avenue 5”. Upon arriving at the location, the girl will request for you to take a picture of your surroundings to indicate you have reached the meeting place. Next, they will ask you for your contact number so that their “friend” can contact you with further instructions and direct you to their actual location.

Once you have given your contact number, their friend will call you via an Unknown or Private number, and ask you a series of questions. The questions asked will be whether or not this is your first time with this girl and if you have any friends or family who are in the police force. Once they have verified that this is your first time and that you do not have any connections to the police, this is when they will proceed with the scam. He will then ask you to pay a deposit of $100 or $200 for the services which you requested via an AXS machine, selecting the Top Up – Alipay option with their e-mail given to you by the girl via the messaging app. This is the first red flag! Once you have done so, you will be requested by the girl to take a picture of the receipt and send via the app. Next, the “friend” will then ask you to make a “refundable deposit” of $1,200 as this is their company policy. They will justify it by saying that the girl is a student and is doing this illegally, the money will be used to bail them out in the event they are caught and deported back. Do not transfer the money! Second red flag!

Once you have rejected transferring the money, he will begin to threaten you by saying he have your contact number and will track you down and hurt your family. They will then negotiate with you by asking you to make a smaller amount for deposit. The girl will even call you on the messaging app to plead with you that it is for your safety. Stay calm! This is all a scam. Stop topping up nor deposit any more money and report to the police.