Online friend got angry with me when I didn't want to help him

Anonymous | 18 Oct 2019

Internet Love Scam
connected through tinder with this person from perth who said he is a single father to a 4 year old girl called "katie". He said he grew up in usa (funny he didn't have an American accent but an irish one instead) and had moved back to perth to restart his life and set up his business in seafood broking after ex wife died of car crash.

After a couple of weeks of chatting online, he professed how he was into me without having met me in person yet and the next thing I knew, he was going to come to Singapore to meet up and also clear his shipment at jurong island at the same time. then came one afternoon when he asked to borrow 3k due to stock clearance issue at customs and had a shortfall of cash. I then declined to help politely and suggested he could arrange to get an overdraft from the bank after which, he started to get passive aggressive about me not willing to help.

I then tried him again and offered that I would help to pay on condition that I would meet him in person to pay directly to whoever he owed but he insisted that I transferred money to a personal bank account of "hua siew moy" in which I declined and persisted with my conditional offer. he then started getting angry and told me to keep my money which I did.