Scammer threatened me after I refused to make payments

Anonymous | 18 Mar 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I met this lady on tinder stating that she is opened to making new friends followed by her Line ID. As my intention was to get to know how to commjnicate with ladies better, i decided to message her. In our conversation she didnt mentioned anything about the amount needed to pay to meet up with her. So on 18 March 2020, the date we decided to meet, she asked me to give her my contact number for her 'friend' to give me a call regarding their procedure of meeting up. And there were a few calls made by 2 different persons without any caller ID. Through our conversation, they have requested for me to transfer first $100 followed by $600 and $1000 done via alipay on the axs machine. When they asked me transfer the $1000 i was feeling abit suspicious about the conversation and decided to transfer $300 claiming that I do not have sufficient amount to transfer the full $1000. And in our last call, after I raised the concern about not being able to transfer the remaining $700 and requested for the refund of a total of $1000, he began to threatened me saying that If I were to pull anymore tricks, they would come and haunt me and my family.

Note to all other individuals who are going to experience this scam:
1. Check if any payment is needed to be paid upfront before meeting up. If yes, dont bother meeting up with the other person. But if you still insist on wanting to meet up check the amount to be paid first

2. When you are asked to give your phone number for her 'friend' to call you, do not ever give your phone number

3. Once it reached the threatening phase, request for the longest possible timing to look for funding and take this opportunity to go and make a police report.