I was threatened by scammer!

Anonymous | 16 Jun 2019

Loan Scam
I wanted to get a mobile via a loan. And I came across this scammer. He asked for our nric and payslips. Then once approve no contract was given. They just say they would transfer the loan of $1300 money to our account and monthly pay $130. But they transfer the $300 in 2 different transaction and don't inform you. Then balance $1000 I had to chase like mad then I got worried I dont want this loan anymore and when I asked for their acct number to return the $300 they hesitated, but they gave eventually. Once the money was transferred I thought everything was settled and they didn't contact us.

After a month or so they called from different numbers to threaten and blackmail to say we owe them money and all. Its really stupid of me to Fall into this please never get yourself or anyone into this scam EVER. They will always work at night only. Daytime they won't contact us.

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