If you received this cyber extortion email, DELETE!

Anonymous | 16 Apr 2020

Cyber Extortion Scam
I have received this email from the hacker this morning demanding for usd 2,000 worth of bitcoin. pls ensure you don't reply and change the passwords for the accounts related to the password mentioned in the email.

I'm aware, xxxxxxxxx, is your password.

I need your 100% attention for the upcoming 24 hrs, or I may make sure you that you live out of embarrassment for the rest of your existence.

Hello there, you do not know me personally. But I know a lot of things about you. Your facebook contact list, smartphone contacts and all the digital activity in your computer from past 126 days.

Which includes, your masturbation video, which brings me to the primary motive why I am composing this specific e-mail to you.

Well the previous time you went to see the adult material webpages, my malware was activated inside your computer system which ended up documenting a lovely video footage of your self pleasure play simply by triggering your webcam.
(you got a tremendously unusual taste by the way lmfao)

I have got the entire recording. In the case you feel I am playing around, just reply proof and I will be forwarding the recording randomly to 8 people you're friends with.

It might be your friends, co workers, boss, mother and father (I'm not sure! My software will randomly pick the contact details).

Will you be able to gaze into anyone's eyes again after it? I question it...

However, it does not need to be that route.

I want to make you a one time, no negotiable offer.

Buy USD 2000 in bitcoin and send them to the listed below address:

bc1***qvxfkdtvx8mt4zu2ln85fpewxj3z3k7c6hcc4??(Fraudulent bitcoin wallet)
[CASE SENSITIVE copy & paste it, and remove *** from it]

(If you do not understand how, look online how to buy bitcoin. Do not waste my precious time)

If you send out this particular 'donation' (why don't we call this that?). Immediately after that, I will go away and under no circumstances make contact with you again. I will eliminate everything I've got in relation to you. You may very well proceed living your current normal day to day life with zero concern.

You've 24 hours to do so. Your time starts as soon you read through this e mail. I have an one of a kind code that will alert me as soon as you go through this mail so don't attempt to play smart.