Not everyone you met online is genuine

Anonymous | 15 May 2020

Internet Love Scam

It all started from an IG message (antony_lee23) and he claimed to be working in Edinburgh oil industry and he has Singaporean-Korean origins. We chatted on whatsapp and he always texted me in the morning and night every day without fail. Days later, he started to tell me that he has feelings for me and will send me loving messages. He then insisted to send me some gifts in appreciation for me and I rejected him initially but he pushed on until I gave him my address. 4 days later, a man from the ‘courier company’ (+65 8682 5805) texted me via whatsapp that my package has arrived in Singapore and I need to pay SGD3,600 to clear custom charges before they can deliver the package and I need to pay it asap within a few hours before delivery insurance expires. I checked with Antony and he played mind games about being upset if I were to reject his gift. When the courier company provided an account number with personal name instead of company name (POSB Bank Acct Name: Shah Nizam; Acct No: ??83 6385), and refused to provide any picture of customs’ statements requesting for the duty fees, it got really fishy. The man on the phone sounded French but with a Malay name?

Thankfully I found this website and read about many similar scams. So I immediately blocked the two contacts and avoided paying for anything. Hope this story helps to prevent others from being scammed too.