Someone tried to pretend to be Singtel staff

Anonymous | 15 Feb 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
Got a call from +65 6690 5833.
It’s exacTly related to this

But i wanted to add that the caller
1) builds ‘credibility’ by not outwardly asking your particulars ( typical of scammers),
2) while they tried very hard, it was obvious that they were not locals, first ‘agent’ had very thick indian accent - they will confuse you and then they handover you to their ‘chief engineer’
3) they claim your internet is pinging multiple security issues to their system and that the blinking light in your router is indicative of that, which will make you nervous and continue With the call. They will even ask you to go to your router.
4) My experience was that they will ask you over and over again “are you the owner of the internet line?”

I Got to the point where they ask me To do the ‘assoc’ in cmd prompt. But luckily tHe call got cut off. And luckily i was on edge from the very first Time And never gave any details.

My aDvise/tip, and this is what i did, was to immediately call singtel and verify it myself. If you Answer the call And you spotted its suspicious, just hangup. Take note - singtel will not call you this way for security issues. If anything they would fix it on their end. And if you get locked out due to security issues, sIngtel wont call you. At most, they will put a note in your profile about any pertinent issues. The scammer was pretty ballsy and tried calling me as i was speaking to a technical support from singtel.