When scammer couldn't provide invoice, I knew something was wrong

Anonymous | 15 Apr 2019

Internet Love Scam
I knew this guy named Smith Wong on Happn (a dating app) on 5 April 2019, and after the chat for a day, he asked for my phone number, and we chatted on whatsapp. he mentioned that he is American born Chinese and originally from Beijing, parents stay at Arizona and he works as a subsea supervisor at Miami. During the chat, he mentioned that he's quite wealthy and he's a lovely talk person. Within a week, he offered to courier gift from USA to Singapore, he even sent me a website to trace the parcel. Besides provided the tracking number of package, he also mentioned that there will be a clearance fee to retrieve the package, and he was smart, he said that he also attached the cash in the parcel, so I won't incur any losses.

So today (15 April 2019), a guy called me regarding the clearance fee, and I requested that he sent me an email attached with the invoice. However, he only emailed me the instructions and attached a personal bank details. I requested for corporate bank details but he didn't. Nevertheless, I did the background search for the logistics company and I couldn't find it.

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