Online friend asked me take part in remote gambling, which is illegal here!

Anonymous | 14 Sep 2020

Internet Love Scam
Met "Alvin" at a dating app called bumble. His photos looks nice, like if he is a famous instagrammer or influencer. couldn't find his photo by doing reverse image search so I thought he could be real.

He then asked to talk via whatsapp but i refused, so we changed into telegram.

He told me that he came from China and worked in singapore for 2 years. he said that he was working at RWS as IT consultant but online platform. I confronted him saying that online gambling in Singapore is illegal, but he insisted that RWS casino has online platform and he has to work everyday, including weekend and he only had days off 4 days in a month. He also had to work overtime everyday and so, he couldn't meet me in person.

He also refused to do video call, saying that he was still at work (like at 11 PM still working) and his office doesn't allow him to do video call or take photo due to confidential nature. He told me that he found a way to make money online and asked me to click on a dubious link. I told him that I would not do that unless that he showed me the link in person. He stopped contacting me after that.

Be careful of friends who you met online as they may not be genuine.