I lost over $4,000 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 14 Oct 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam

It started off with knowing this person from social media. I added him on wechat. There, this person offered sex services at a rate of $100/90min.

I was curious and agreed to the offer. When i reached the place, she asked for my mobile number and told me that there shouldn't be any cash transaction and instructed me to pay for the service at axs machine. 

After that, she told me that her boss needed to advise me on some security issues. 

He required me to buy Alipay credit through the axs machine, which i dumbly followed despite seeing all the warning. Just when i thought it's done, he demanded more deposits for security purposes. He kept pressing me to put down the deposits to the point when i told him i have no money and would not want to continue and requested for the deposited money to be returned, he said this os not possible, and even threatened that even if i were to forfeit the initial amount they will send someone to deliver it to my home and will demand to pay for the delivery fees that can amount to $6000.

When i said that i had no money then says he can reduce the amount. And lucky for me, the limit of nets purchases and Alipay top up had prevented me from completing all the transactions that amount to $6,600.

Throughout he also asked me not to put down the phone (and the number either origins from Indonesia (+62000000001) or is hidden) this repeats for verification purposes, for refund purposes. Why i sucked up to their promises that the money will be refunded based on their rule... 

Throughout the event they spoke in Taiwanese mandarin and i corresponded only to the person that i added on Wechat. The rest of the phone calls were incoming from this 'boss'.

After being asked for more money and threatened that they belong to a black society in taiwan and the boss is that of marina bay sands, i felt something is really not right and reported to the police. 

Lesson learnt, be careful, when befriending unknown people on social media.