SingPost Impersonation Scam: Don't fall prey to it!

Anonymous | 13 Aug 2019

Impersonation Scam
Received a call on 13 Aug'19 at 13:53pm from 82226266. answered to an automated voice saying that i have an important parcel for collection & to dial for customer service help. so i dialed & spoke to a lady on the phone who requested for my IC & full name for verification. Gave my ic no. but before i gave my full name, realised that i was not expecting any parcel nor have i received any official email notification from Singpost whatsoever. so i hang up & called singpost customer care hotline 1605 to confirm if 82226266 is singpost telephone line. the lady on the phone asks for my name & phone no. before informing me that it might be a scam & not to reveal any personal detals.

Personal info was lost. i gave away my ic no.!