Scammer wanted me to put down a deposit to secure my "loan"

Anonymous | 12 Sep 2019

Loan Scam
received a Whatsapp text messages 2 weeks ago (no. +91 73238 19746). i checked it out, person name "martin" replied. he requested for my nric, singpass. all seems normal. till there was a transferred amount of $300 to my acct. saying that the boss, transferred $300 first,balance the next day. waited then the next day, claimed the "finance" said i must pay $150 for 3 days. didn't used tt $300 they transferred. told me tt the last transferred they will bank in the balance amount i wanted to loan. but never. again transferred me $300. saying the accountant made a mistake. somehow he got his number changed & informed tt he no longer used tt then i find something suspicious. i requested for a bank acct to transferred back the $300. i did. and told him to cancelled everything or i report. he said to wait for update. i stopped replying his messages. i reported to the police. random calls with different numbers made, i didnt picked it up. he even threatened me to make report. but after tt say nicely dont need to. i stopped replying and report being made. Definitely malaysian chinese. learnt my lessons.

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