I was threatened by scammer when I refused to pay more for service

Anonymous | 12 Mar 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam

Few days ago i've matched with this girl 思思 in tinder and added in line. First her is an introduction saying she's a student and part time escort with the rate of $100/2 hr. I declined the offer.

Yesterday she offered her service again but i rejected. When she asked the third time today, i finally accepted. Being careful i've asked if she stays alone, if she has family here to make sure no one is behind her (syndicate). She agree to meet me up at admiralty MRT.

She was nowhere to be seen but wants my mobile number to be secure. She asked me to meet a friend to ensure she's not being fished by a police. Immediately, I fled as I didn’t want someone else to know. She begged me to stay and proceed while I kept receiving calls from unknown number. I answered the call with the china manager explained the procedures and protocol as she was student part time escort under a hotel.

To protect the both parties, payment will be alipay top up from AXS. I purposely left my atm card at home, so he asked for itunes credit ($100) from 711. He emphasised not to drop the call as he will guide me. He then required my ID to ensure I’m not a police but I didn’t have any id with me. He claimed he is one of the 鸿门 member and they are running casino369.com. They have some system that can identify an enforcer. He asked to get my id from my place 15 mins’ away and arranged her to meet me up at the hotel nearby. I went back and sent my license to him. He quickly asked if I am a cop as there is no employment history for my identity except for basic information. He said I could  make a deposit to secure the meet up. He'll arrange at a nearby AXS  The deposit would be refunded via cash once we meet. He requested for rmb 1000 x 3 (declined as lack of $$) but reduced to rmb 500 ( i bought alipay $104).

He got angry for fooling him as he asked for rmb1000 alipay. I told him I couldn’t afford and willing to forfeit. He insisted that deposit must be paid. He threatened to hunt down my family, use my name for money laundering since he has my licence. He give me till 9pm and reminded me that don't go missing or ignoring his calls. However she had instructed me to gather $1200 as her manager has told her to do. She then continued to beg me as she will be in trouble. Now i'm receiving death threats after stop replying her and answering calls.

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