Never transfer money to someone whom you have never met

Anonymous | 12 Feb 2021

Internet Love Scam

I get to know this guy through one of the dating apps, coffee meet begal in jul’2020. 
At first he is very friendly and i thought we can be friends, and might develop further. According to him, he is holding a managerial position in bank of china which is in hong kong. We chatted everyday and night via whatapps. Everything went well and few months later he confessed to me and said that I was the one that he was looking for all this while. 

I am a bit shocked as it was quite tough for me to be in relationship again but cos of those sweet words it was difficult to reject at times. I took two months to accept him and the story comes. One early morning he texted me to tell me that his dad in china is at critical condition which needs my financial assistance as his account was freezed. I asked him the reasons of frozen account and he says it was due to contract with the client that's why the account was frozen.

He promised me he will return money to me once his account is active. Due to i am kind hearted person hence i agreed to transfer him money. He requested me to provide my ic i did ask him why and he told me cos he needs to withdraw money then i was like ok. Days later he requested me to transfer money and many times all the accounts i transferred is different account. Until one day police called me asks me why i transferred huge amount to one account then i wake up and feel something is wrong. I quickly lodged police report and now pending investigations. 

All i can say here is don't ever transer money to someone you have never met.