Be wary of friends you found online

Anonymous | 11 Feb 2020

Internet Love Scam
i met david from the academic singles dating site on 16 jan 2020. he told me that he is the boss of a construction company and that he is now doing a rig construction project in turkey. this project was due to complete in feb 2020 and he will be flying over to see me because he has fallen in love with me deeply and felt that i am the perfect person for him. I was very puzzled on the development of this relationship but nevertheless felt good to have sweet nothings everyday. on 24 jan, he told me that his worker has accidentally caused damage to a machinery control panel and the panel needed to be replace urgently. the cost of the control panel is USD 45k and there is an outstanding balance of USD 3k that he would like me to transfer the money over to him. he was even willing to pay me back double next week after his fund reached him. He even sent me the invoice that clearly shown the outstanding balance. Immediately, i can tell that the invoice is a fake one. i told david that i will not transfer the money to him and block him immediately. my loss in this case was my previous time and emotions. Also, i realized that there are dozens of scammers in the academic singles site. please avoid that site.