Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 10 Mar 2020

Internet Love Scam
i met Thomas Peter Huang via the league app, the app that declares verifications are in place to ensure there would not be any fake profile in their app.

Name: Thomas P
Details: Woodland, 45 years old, 180cm
Education: University of Aberdeen and University of Texas at Austin and a PhD holder.
Profession: Self-independent contractor – Perenco (later he deleted “Perenco” from his bio)
Verified: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter
Interests: Cycling xxxx (I couldn’t recall the details) | The Great Gatsby | Mayor of Casterbridge

He mentioned that he is an engineer in petroleum industry and he would be heading to Kiev, Ukraine soon for his project. During his trip, he hoped we could continue to talk and get to know each other before we meet face to face. He shared that he was the only child and chose a simple life. His parents passed away and he is on his own. It was a very convenient story to tell.

My suspicion started to arise when I could not find him in any platform that verified him. he declared that he had left the league app. Thankfully, I was still in the app. One day accidently I saw another profile on the app. The face was different with Thomas, but the bio was 90% match. When I say match, it means every wording is a match. It includes university they went for study, favourite food, their interest in books and cycling. I am not sure if Thomas used this guy’s bio or both are fake profiles.

One day he shared his contract document with a company that he claimed to be his client. He said it was confidential document, but he trusted me enough to share it with me. He used this trick to show that he was real, yet there was a few mistakes in the documents:
1. The company doesn’t seem to have any subsidiary in Ukraine as it was claimed to be.
2. The company address on the letter head is an abandoned building in Ukraine.
3. There was no name of director who signed the contract.
4. There was no company logo on the letter head.
5. Lastly, there was typo in the document.

A few days later, he mentioned there was a cyber glitch around the rig where he was working. He asked me to switch to hangout app as his phone number and WhatsApp will be monitored for safety precaution. he could access hangout app because the app uses email instead of phone number.

When I asked him about his linkedin account, he explained that he deactivated his account.
I reported and blocked his number on WhatsApp. I also contact the league help support to report a scam. I gave all details about Thomas, and the profile of the guy whose bio has 90% match with Thomas. thomas might be a vip member in the league. Hopefully the league can trace him through his payment detail.