Scammer wanted me to put down a deposit to secure my loan

Anonymous | 10 Jun 2019

Loan Scam
Received an SMS on the advertised loans. I asked for more details and scammer requested for personal data such as front and back of my nric, bank account number, cpf Contribution History and 3 next of kin hp numbers. I gave but felt skeptical, and I told the scammer that I need more time to think before Deciding when he told me that he will transfer me $300 and I need to transfer him back $500 and he will return the $200 before loan starts. I did not agree to that and asked for more time to decide.

The next day, the scammer transferred $300 to my account without my knowledge. I told him I did not agreed to it and I will return to him. He said to return to him to another bank account which he needed more time to get one due to public holiday. A few days later, he gave me a bank account number for me to transfer back the $300. Once transferred, he told me to transfer another $200 which was not part of the agreement. He said in order to not take up the loan, I need to transfer him$200 which will then be transferred to me. I did not comply and emphasised to him that he did not mention anything about transferring $200 for closing of loan. He then threatened me that he will collect it from my office or neighbours. I did not reply to his message and immediately made a police report.

Police recommended me to stop messaging him, change my number and close my bank account. I felt relieved after making the police report and hoping that I will not be threatened in other ways despite them having my personal data.

I wasn't so interested to get the loan hence I did not make the decision to transfer my own money to him. But this is a lesson learn for everyone to be wary of such scams.