Online friend made up fanciful stories to get me to send money to him

Anonymous | 10 Apr 2019

Internet Love Scam
I was matched to this guy on coffee meets bage. We chatted on WhatsApp for 2 weeks before he asked if we could meet. After arranging everything for the said date, he cancelled the meeting as he said he needed to go to Turkey for a an important business stuff.

And so, we need to reschedule it once he comes back in a week. As the date was approaching, he said that he was mugged and stranded in Istanbul, and all his valuables including the passport was taken and that his phone was smashed breaking the screen and camera, but he was alright. He said a friend is already helping him with purchasing a return flight back to SG and he's already applied for a new passport in his embassy. by the time he had "received" his new passport he needed help to settle the airbnb billing $550 usd. and asking me to help me pay it. when i responded that i can lend him money once he arrive here in sG instead of sending it. he got defensive and said he needed it now and not later on. then after that asked me to help me purchase itune credit worth $150. I did not response after that. blocked him and reported him in whatsapp and coffee meets bagel.

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