I lost $5,000 to loan scams.

Anonymous | 09 Jul 2021

Loan Scam

I was searching for money lender online to find one that was at lower interest and can be able to give a longer loan tenor he name himself as James from oasis 1 credit pte ltd and when you google search you will find oasis credit at Clementi. He followed up with me for a month and the website looks legit and I even received a auto-generated email from the ministry of law hence i thought it will be like a debt consolidation plan whereby you have to pay to the ministry of law hence i transfer $2500 over and afterwards he got another person to call me and said you have to pay another $2500 to open this uob account in which i did transfer and i know the next day i called both the numbers using normal line was unable to call through i was scammed. I have made a police report and close my bank account.

I might not be able to recover my losses.

Editor's Note: Please note that unlicensed moneylenders can impersonate as licensed moneylenders by creating fake websites using their details. Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to put up advertisements online (including social media), SMS or messaging apps. Please contact licensed moneylenders via the contact details and visiting only the websites found in this list: https://rom.mlaw.gov.sg/files/ML%20Lists/ML%20List%20as%20at%2001March2021.pdf.

Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to approve loans remotely.