Online friend attempted to fool me!

Anonymous | 09 Apr 2019

Internet Love Scam
A guy from LinkedIn befriended me and later asked to move to Whatsapp. He was nice and very gentle where more likely girls might fall for. He’s working in Marathon Petroleum Corporation in Texas but relocated in Turkey Black Sea in an Oil Rig for 3 months. He mentioned he cannot use video call and calls due to company’s rules and regulations. As an alternative, He used to send more pictures. So for a month chatting, being friendly and really caring, and there’s no trace of anything that was suspicious because there’s no money involved so I continued to play along. He profess his love with more passion and promise to call and visit me once his off from the rig. But when the time his ending his last month from the rig. He mentioned about a new contract that he won for him to extend for another month to handle the Project. Having this contract will boost his credentials and additional income. After he told me this I’m a bit suspicious because he never mentioned such things in earlier stage. So I try not to bother much about him anymore. But he still persistent in his timing to care for my being. Then one day, he sounds serious and told me that he’s facing difficulty in the project that he’s handling. In short he tried to ask for financial support and that’s when everything turned into disappointment. It’s such a waste of time.

I feel really bad for that guy photos used for this type of scam (It was a Korean and really good looking.)

The details and story used by this scammer wERE already reported here last November 2018 with the same username.
Luckily I did found this website to support my suspicion.

So ladies, please be careful!

Photo Evidence: