I lost money to a Pump and Dump scheme

Anonymous | 08 Sep 2021

Investment Scam Investment Scam

I found the source in some random FB investment group and introduced to this 'sifu' (LIANGJIAN) so called US expert investor who involve in holding and managing some big index fund in china. (probably not even his real name). firstly, you have to verify yourself with his admin's assistant, typically the profiles use photos of pretty girls; thru their own kyc procedure (screenshot of your trading account/ phone call/ texting). After that, you will be added to this WhatsApp group where the 'sifu' will share daily tips teaching you how to be successful on trading and kept sharing their past achievement. when the time is right. the assistant will pm each of the member their buy call and ask the member to screenshot if they have purchase the stock successfully. everything must align with their strategy or else they will kick the member out of the group. so i deposited $10k and execute the call tips from the admin. the next day, I realise it's a pump and dump and lost 30~40% of my money. when i text the 'sifu' and the assistant again, i got kick out from WhatsApp group and I couldn't contact them anymore. therefore, never think of getting rich in short amount of time. learn how to trade wisely by reading book and article not from 'sifu'.