Beware of fake crypto-trading sites

Anonymous | 08 Sep 2021

Investment Scam Investment Scam
I have meet a girl on Tinder, claiming she is from China, Her supposed name is WANG CHENXI. she claimed her uncle is working at the national bank of china and he knows how will the currencies will go up and she has made millions on (Note: Do not click) on virtual coins which have not yet been released to the general public.

She convinced me to invest USDT$500 crypto currency which is about 500 US dollars with the promise she will give me another 10,000 usdt and that the cdc coin she told me to invest in will grow from USDT$50 to 100- value per coin.

She did not send me the 10,000 USDT and currently i cannot access the website as it has its certifications expired. i have tried previously to withdraw the crypto currency but with no SUCCESS.

I have also written to an e-mail address [email protected] and to [email protected], The second address does not even exist.