I lost over $10k to job scam

Anonymous | 08 Jun 2021

Job Scam
This case is happen in June 6 ,I was received a whatAPss say have a part time job for Lazada ,before tat I never see new about this scam job , firstly he ask me to sent him the details of my personal will Help me to registered for a job ,after done it there add me to a group ,in the group have a more then 15person ,all the member have a active on the group and share their already done the task earn the money,I was thinking is easier job I try to ask my agent to get a task start earn my 8% commission,after I done my 1 and 2 task there have refund me a money with commission in 5 minute ,I think that is reliable job ,so I start to continue my task 3 , then the agent say you have ready done task 1 and 2 so will upgrade you to VIP group so you can earn 15% of a task, so I go to continue done my task 3 ,the task 3 almost 2687sgd ,after I done the task 3 he say must be link to the task 4 only can get refund for the money,At that time, I was anxious to get my money back, so I had to complete the fourth task,after I complete the task 4 he continue say must done the last step task 5 only can get fully refund and commission 15%,The more I thought about it, the more wrong I got, so I immediately went to the POLICE...total I have already lost almost 15K SGD, I regret it now.

I was cheated my money from scammers because of greed. I hope the police can find these scammers quickly and bring them to justice. I also hope that my money can be returned.

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