Scammer attempted to threaten me into giving personal info

Anonymous | 08 Jul 2019

Impersonation Scam
today Morning around 9:34am, i had a call from +6564385123 representing himself as ICa officer. His English accent was fake and his tone was very rude and annoying. since i did received such call 6 months back where i did share my personal details but this time i just knew it from very beginning that it was a spam call. He addressed me wrongly first. Then with his more STERNNESS in voice tried to frighten me saying i'm calling from ica, where are you at moment work place or home? I replied back saying "home". Then he said in more heavy and angry tone to make me feel like a culprit of something big of which i had no idea! he asked me to come to some distant private place. I repeated my reply that i'm home. And that pissed him and he shouted that i ask you to come to some private place?! than he asked in same insulting tone how long have you been in singapore and all?
I replied - first of all the way he was talking was not acceptable and ica would never make a cal in person and even in case he had been calling from ICA, he would have all the details of my stay in singapore along with fin and all details that he had been asking. Now for my safety reasons and against your rude BEHAVIOR in any case i would like to record this call as i strongly feel this is a scam call! and he hung up!!