Scammer attempted to pose as SingPost staff

Anonymous | 08 Aug 2019

Impersonation Scam
Received an automated voice call, claiming to be from SingPost, that told me that i have an uncollected parcel with singpost and that today was the last day of collection. it then asked me to press '2' to speak to the operator. operator took down my name and nric and said that my parcel contained illegal items and it has been detained at beijing international airport. subsequently, operator connected me to the beijing police, who then shared that my details have supposedly been involved in some fake credit card scam and the mastermind is a guy that holds an important position with icbc.

he asked for bank account details, e.g. how many accounts, with which banks and their balances. lodged a police report when he was about to transfer my call to his supervisor. didnt give bank account numbers or passwords. no money was lost.