Beware of online friends who asked you to invest

Anonymous | 07 Jun 2021

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I would like to share scams that are happening on social media and dating platforms. I would like to share certain details which might be good knowledge for the public on what to look out for and the telltale signs. This is a potential Love and Cryptocurrency Scam situation.

First telltale sign:

Display pictures of matches are usually very attractive females/males. However, such pictures are often reused. So there are two things which are easy to spot.
1) Pictures are usually low quality and low in resolution and grainy looking.
2) There is a function in Google which you can do "Google image search".
Users can screenshot the profile picture and upload using the link to do an image search.
Should the image be reused a couple of times, it will show up in the search with multiple results. (An almost immediate sign that the account is a scam account)

Second telltale sign :

She had a phone number which was a nonlocal number (+852)
1) While this may not be a straightforward sign.. this should raise some alarm.

Third telltale sign :
Weird looking URL:

Below is the URL sent by Aditi :

1) URL ends with xyz which are usually nonlegitimate platforms for trading. Official trading platforms should also come with .com or .sg
2) Should one open the link, images are seen to be in low resolution and low quality.
3) The text on the website is often reused.
After doing a simple google with the first text in the URL
Google images immediately return multiple instances of the same text.

Below are two links that google returned, which had a direct replica of the link Aditi gave.

Of course, by this time - I return the two links above Aditi blocked me instantly.

Forth telltale sign :
Aditi was extremely persuasive in trying to get me to "earn as much as her", getting her uncle and sister to "teach me".

The full phone number in the case is +852 9084 8107

Also note: Aditi was able to say where she lived in Singapore. In this case, she said Serangoon and named "Forest Woods" as her place of residence.