Another case of Singtel Impersonation scam!

Anonymous | 07 Aug 2020

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I received a call from +65 96007697 (of Indian nationality).

If this is indeed a scam/ phishing, I think this would help raise awareness that there might be an increase trend from many other parts of the world etc. and better help raise awareness.

I was told the call was from Singtel technical support team and there are unauthorized usage of my Broadband. I told them that my provider was M1, but they claim Singtel is the main provider of bandwidth for all the telcos (which have some truth). In any case, they did some checks on how many device connected, who is the main user without any information identification checks. After which they wanted me to access my board band (i think it's IP address) by my computer to "Show me" the errors. This was a red flag and I told them to call me back another day.

This is such an obvious scam!